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Dmitri LINEKING Demidenko - awesome vector graphic artist. Would you like to be a vectorized?

My name is Dmitri Demidenko, also known as LINEKING, and I’m happy to welcome you to my website lineking.ru. I’m a professional vector graphics artist from Russia and am proud to be officially honored by Corel Corporation as one of the few CorelDRAW masters in the world. Here on my site you can discover interesting information about vector graphics and about me as well. You can explore my artwork and learn about past, present, and future exhibitions.

BIO (artist biography)
Contemporary art is often associated with degradation and depression. It is often colored with negative emotions and often crosses into the realm of morality, exalting mediocrity, stupidity, and insanity, and represents itself as unique ‘talent’. Allow us to introduce you to its opposite: Dmitry LINEKING Demidenko. A Russian artist born in 1986 in the Russian Far Eastern city of Spassk Dal’ny, Dmitry is almost completely self-taught. In an incredibly short time, only five years, he has risen from working in a small printing company to become an internationally recognized leader in the art of vector graphics. He is likewise the author of several vector techniques such as watercolor and raster graphics simulation.
 Since March, 2014 LINEKING’s art represent CorelDRAW software worldwide, his works reveal the amazing capabilities of the software. His vector art SpeedPAINT: Peace&Music is the intro (welcome video) of CorelDRAW X7 version. Founder of the first Tutorials market about working with computer graphics, named CorelTuts.

At the start of carrier LINEKING is experimented with techniques of the “vector” from the “line art” (whence went his artist name) to use “meshes”, but in the end he stopped drawing “shapes” (semi-transparent objects, drawn manually, that mimic the real brush). This technique is extremely difficult to learn and requires a lot of time and concentration, but that’s what makes it unique and special. Characteristic features of artworks by Dmitry – a set of objects that construct the final image, layer by layer being placed on each other – to achieve the desired shade or color transition.

Above all else, LINEKING is a portraitist, finding his greatest fascination in the human face. In order to draw the person’s soul forth from their facial expressions, he avoids being distracted by the external aspects of the image, doesn’t get carried away with realism or obsess about unnecessary extras. Rather, he carefully balances his working process right on the knife’s edge between nonchalance and perfectionism. His work is immediately recognizable for its technique of execution and the artist’s special palette of bright and warm colors. According to LINEKING, the most interesting aspect of a portrait is the artist’s ability to grasp the subject’s unique personal nature and pass it on to the viewer, to express the individual’s temperament with no additional support from a detailed body or complex surrounding environment. In fact, background visuals often distract the viewer, which is why LINEKING prefers to focus his work on the face.

Having already achieved a high level of career success, including victories in various international and local competitions, LINEKING considers it his responsibility to promote the art and technique of vector graphics. He does so not only by participating in exhibits all over the world, but by organizing exhibits himself, giving other artists an opportunity to show their art to the public.


What is Vector Graphics?

Vector graphics is akin to a mosaic, where each element (smear) – is created manually. Digital painting vector – is elitist art available by very small number of artists, of which around the world there is not more than few hundreds. Unlike oil painting digital picture will never deteriorate by environmental influences, as the electronic original file and also will keep original look and smear drawn by artist through the centuries. Such picture can be transferred on the canvas, or to any other material. Moreover, a significant advantage of vector graphics is a consistent quality when zooming – even if you want to print vector graphics on macro surface or fantastic 1000 meters, the quality remains the same.

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Design Services

At your disposal the following options of our possible collaboration. If you do not find an answer to your question or a suitable service for you, please contact me.

Logo Design

Each logo designed by me  – an exclusive and individual sign, made with considering specifics of your business. To make a more memorable image of the company and highlight the main direction of activities of your business, use the original name and creative drawings that illustrate the company trade mark. When ordering logo design you get three different concepts, additional variants, and significant changes are performed on the basis of hourly pay. Please read the brief to truly to estimate and coordinate the amount of work required.

Vector graphics art

I create portraits, full technical and pictorial illustrations by using vector graphics in a unique manner. Ofcourse, the portrait made in vector graphics will be a true piece of art and can become impressive gift to an important person. Moreover, each picture may be accompanied by speedpaint – videos, that demonstrate the entire process of art creation. You can use received image for a unique branding on promotional materials (web banners, service announcements, outdoor advertising), branded packaging, designer clothes, covers of musical albums as well as the covers of magazines and books.


I am always happy to share my knowledge with a wider audience. For example, in the format of an open master classes, practical lessons or lectures. Usually, I teach the basics of design and artistic skills, proficiency a vector drawing, as well as sharing the methods of promoting the artist services. All workshops can be conducted directly with the public in your city and country or in a closed webinar format.

Terms & Conditions for clients

If you are ordering portrait by photo or illustration which has references to the real architectural objects, transport, person or animals – please provide high-quality photos. For example, at work with source photo of a person whom I probably never seen in my life, it is important that it be clear and without blurring (preferably 300dpi). The photo should be of high quality, do not send photos from social networks. Do not send me photos in full growth if you want to see only the face on portrait. Good original photo (as well as actual) greatly affects the portrait likeness, do not forget to attach some photos in different angles and under different lighting, not necessary to send a photo of man, where his face is a 10% of the entire space (for example, group photos, photos near the buildings and nature which prevail in the frame). You may not to sell, edit or reproduce my artwork without my written permission. Note that you get an image in electronic format JPEG (300dpi) and the source vector file, that required for printing and distribution, you will receive in the .CDR format (version 17), also PDF and TIFF file format if required. When ordering a captured screen video (speedpaint), filmed process of ordered image creation at an accelerated rate, you will get a video in MPEG4 (1920*1080 px) format, uploaded at any of the sharing services, that comfortable for you.
I do not work for free, it’s my profession, please respect that (for partners I can give big discount raised from 25% to 50%). You can order one of the options of my work presented here on site. I will only be able to do major changes to the design in the sketch phase (because vector graphics creation process is very complicated). All revisions and significant changes, after main conception is discussed and sketch is confirmed, can be provided by the hourly pay.  I reserve the right to post or not to post my commission artwork on my gallery or to any other website unless intellectual property of image (extra rights) was purchased. Full prepayment is required. Payment is made via bank transfer, Western Union, transfer to Visa card or to the PayPal account. Usually work on image takes a week or more, depending on the complexity of commission and total amount of work. On the final price also affects the level of details of the image, the complexity of the background. All intellectual property rights are sold separately. I stand for a comfortable partnership, if necessary, we can conclude an contract agreement.


* Urgent orders (commission work), with the requirement of work for up to 3 days or less are charged at double the cost.




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